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    Rubber Voltage Gloves

    Utility workers nationwide owe their gratitude to the most important tool of all, there hands! Workers In this environment depend on Stauffer Glove and Safety and its inventory of rubber insulated gloves. These gloves protect utility and other electrical workers from being electrocuted while on the job.

    Classes of Electric Gloves

    Employees who work in close proximity to live electrical current may require a variety of electrically insulating PPE. The First thing that should be determined is the risk. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) outlines its electrical protective equipment standard 29 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 1910.137, which provides the design requirements and in-service care and use requirements for electrical insulating gloves.

    Electrical safety gloves are rated by the level of voltage protection they provide and whether or not they’re resistant to ozone. Also, each class of glove is marked with the maximum use voltage on the color coded label. The chart below determines what class of glove is appropriate depending on the working conditions.

    Rubber is Vulnerable to the Ozone!

    It is important to know that the ozone can compromise the integrity of rubber insulated gloves. Studying the work environment is curial before deciding between a Type 1 or Type 11 glove. A Type 1 glove is not resistant to ozone; Type 11 is ozone-resistant.

    Quick Overview: Selecting the right Glove for the Job

    Step 1-Determine the maximum voltage that you will be exposed to in your working environment.

    Step 2-Once the risk has been determined, use the chart above to define the appropriate class of glove for the job.

    Step 3-Determine whether or not ozone will be a factor in your work environment.

    Step 4-Lastly, before each use, gloves should be inspected for holes; tears; ozone, cutting or ultraviolet damage; and signs of chemical deterioration per ASTM F1236-14, Standard Guide for Visual Inspection of Electrical Protective Rubber Products.