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    Safety Spectacles That Protect

    Experts believe that the right eye protection could have lessened the severity or even prevented 90% of eye injuries in accidents. 

    Stauffer Glove & Safety’s number one priority is protecting the wellbeing of your eyes. No matter the working conditions, do not put yourself at risk from falling and flying objects. Search through or vast inventory of safety eyewear and you will find that no matter the job we have the eyeglasses that fit.

    Know The Frame and Temple Styles

    Wrap Around- This style features a wide frame that wraps around the side of the head. The frame may wrap partially or fully around the head. This Particular temple style is perfect for a fast paced working environment. These safety spectacles fit securely and will not move, therefore ensuring that they do not interfere with work activities.

    Spatula- The spatula temple is the portion of the temple which extends from the frame and wraps around the top of the ear. This design allows for a secure and sturdy fit. Most safety spectacles with spatula temples can be adjusted for individualized fit and comfort.

    Bayonet- Safety spectacles with bayonet temples were originally designed for pilots to slip easily under helmets or headsets. If you wear a helmet, headset or other headgear bayonet temples are a great choice for you. The temple arms go straight back but have a curve that follows the wearers head which allows for a snug fit. The secure fit prevents the spectacles from falling off when looking down.

    Interested in more Styles?  

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    ANsi Z87.1

    ANSI’s Z87.1 rated eye protection defends against hazards related to machinery operations, material welding and cutting, chemical handling, construction work, and assembly operations. The standard was established in 1968 and has had four revisions.


    • The 2003 version described two levels of protection: “Basic” & “High” impact protection.

    • The 2010 revision describes devices to be either “Non Impact Rated” or “Impact Rated”.

    • The Drop ball test is now required for ALL products and must be tested as a complete device, rather than lens only testing


    • The 2003 version had no defined performance criteria for splash/droplet, dust, and radiation/UV.

    • The 2010 revision has specific performance and marking requirements for devices claiming to provide protection from Splash/droplet, dust or radiation hazards.


    • The 2003 version had no defined minimum coverage requirement.

    • The 2010 revision has a minimum frontal requirement and, for an “Impact Rated” device, a lateral coverage requirement.

    • In effect, this makes lateral coverage MANDATORY for an “Impact Rated” device

    For a tutorial on how Safety Spectacles are tested please click on the video below!


    Courtesy of Ergodyne