E-Business and Procurement Solutions

    Partnering and integrating systems

    Here at Stauffer Glove & Safety we offer key strategic advantages to our customers. We can integrate your system with ours to have seemless communication between our companies allowing us to respond quickly and effectively. We offer paperless transactions, viewing of line-item details, spending visibility and much more. You have full control over your spend.

    There are many advantages Stauffer provides with a customer inquiry system and online ordering unique to your customer experience. We're ready to integrate and already utilizing multiple formats including EDI, XML, OAGXML, cXML, OCI, xCBL, and more. This allows for simple sending of orders, invoices, order acknowledgements, advance ship notices (ASNs) and tracking information.

    Review your order, make adjustments and you're on your way. Lose the double entry.

    Checkout Preferences

      • We can support EFT through either automated clearing house ACH or direct wire transfer
      • Choose defaults for your purchase order number, for example: attention to and ship to                                        
      • Emailed order acknowledgements and notifications
      • Communication of special offers, promotions and catalogs                                     
      • Set the shipping preference of which method is best suited for you
      • Punch-out ready


    Contract Pricing & Real-Time Inventory

    E-Business Integration

      • View your custom contract pricing
      • Search any keyword or part number to locate products quickly
      • Inventory levels by warehouse
      • Check tracking information on your shipments


    Open Balances & Statements

      • View invoices online
      • Print invoices to mail in with payments


    Stauffer has partnerships with a variety of customer platforms including Quadrem, Ariba, Xign, IBM Maximo, Permac, SDI, Vinimaya, Perfect Commerce and many more.

    Custom Catalogs

      • Quickly reorder favorite items
      • Rapid entry with our intuitive Quick Order Pad
      • Detailed Descriptions and images for each item
      • Feature only specific products for each location per purchaser
      • 12 month usage and invoice reports
      • Order history


    Best of all, it's FREE! Order online with your contract pricing or integrate your company's ERP with Stauffer today. For more information or to get set up right away, please contact us at (215) 679-4446 or send an email to ebusiness@stauffersafety.com.