Stauffer Delivery Services

When it comes to shipping, Stauffer Glove & Safety has a dedicated truck fleet that operates coast to coast. Our nine locations operate 20 box trucks and vans that deliver over 50,000 orders a year. We work hard to provide dependable service, whenever you need us we are here.

Our fleet has a range of box trucks, sized from 14 to 26 feet long. Stauffer also runs carrier vans primarily to utilize smaller shipments. No matter the situation, our delivery vehicles are always ready to go.

Stauffer has a greater control of delivery, we provide flexible service which reduces the reliance on major carriers' shipping schedules. We guarantee same day delivery on all orders placed before 3:00pm. Our in-house freight team manages all delivery services. This means we speak directly to you, addressing any questions immediately and professionally. We pride ourselves on effective communication.

LTL Services

Stauffer is diversified in its ability to service its customers. We utilize national and regional LTL carriers and third party logistics companies. This means Stauffer is not bound to one pricing model. We have well-established partnerships with several premier carriers, which enables Stauffer to maintain competitive freight charges. Most carriers cannot compete with the rates Stauffer has in place. Building meaningful relationships with LTL and third party companies allows our customers to save on freight charges and ensures timely deliveries across the country.

Stauffer works with popular carriers such as UPS Freight and FedEx Freight. We also collaborate with a wide range of carriers to ensure that our customers are getting the best service experience possible. Limitation is not in our vocabulary, we listen to our customers. Our team is willing to work with any carrier and find the most affordable solution for you.

Truck Fleet Infographic