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Stauffer Glove and Safety offers quality gloves at low prices. Our latest offering of Stauffer Brand Gloves include leather drivers, nitrile coated, cut resistant, disposable nitrile, and TIG welder gloves. In the height of demand, we strive to continually grow and expand our services and product lines for everyday working industries.


Disposable Nitrile

Disposable nitrile gloves offer performance for a spectrum of industries such as food service, automotive, painting, janitorial/sanitation and more. Importantly, nitrile gloves have become an alternative to natural rubber and latex. Overall, these gloves are versatile and their benefits are instantly recognizable. Our latest release of black disposable nitrile gloves are fully textured on the surface to deliver excellent grip. And the medical grade guarantees high quality and FDA compliant for food contact.

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Cut Resistant

Cut resistant gloves are designed to protect hands from sharp objects that are able to penetrate normal gloves. Cut resistance is a function of a glove’s material composition and thickness. Stauffer Glove and Safety’s cut resistant gloves are lined with High Performance Polyethylene (HPPE). This material on an equal weigh basis has 15 times the tensile strength of steel. The polyurethane coating on the palm and fingertips enhances grip on slippery surfaces. Cut protection as well as good grip and abrasion resistance is vital in industries such as metal handling, automotive and glass installation.

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Tig Welder

The TIG welding process provides clean appealing work. This type of welding grants the welder a great deal of control allowing for stronger, higher quality welds. The TIG welder glove is made from goatskin leather that is very comfortable and light. These gloves are oil and weather resistant, while providing flexibility to pick up filler metal rods and easily feed them. Stauffer Glove and Safety’s Goatskin TIG Welder Gloves are perfect for industries such as oil and gas, construction, General Linemen Duty, gas and electric utilities, and welding.

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Leather Drivers

Leather drivers gloves are a common choice for general duty applications and are designed to improve safety and productivity. Their leather construction provides great durability and comfort for the wearer. Stauffer Glove and Safety offers numerous leather types, such as Goatskin and Cowhide. Each leather type has its own benefits. Cowhide is one of the most available leathers and the best choice to keep hands warm. Goatskin leather is very soft and has a great level of dexterity, flexibility, and breathability.

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Nitrile Coated

Stauffer Glove and Safety’s coated work gloves have a coating that covers the entire palm and fingers. This coating provides protection against abrasions, snags, and cuts, as well as many oils and chemicals. It also offers a high level of dexterity, grip and durability. Just like disposable nitrile gloves, coated nitrile gloves are free from latex and are a great option when looking for a protective nitrile work glove.

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