Lockout/Tagout is essential to workplace safety!

Lockout/tagout is an integral part of workplace safety. Serious accidents occur when employees are around machinery or power that is improperly locked/tagged out. For example, NIOSH found that the food manufacturing industry from 2003 to 2013 reported 28 fatalities and 227 injuries relating to faulty lockout/tagout practices. Prevent injuries and fatalities by implementing procedures, training programs and proper visuals such as signs and labels.

Stauffer Glove and Safety has 8 basic tips to help your company prevent injuries, fines, lost production and most importantly fatalities.

8 Basic tips for Lockout/Tagout safety

1. Notice of Servicing - All employees are notified of machine/system under LOTO.
2. Identify Energy Type - Authorized service person identifies possible hazard.
3. Disable Equipment - Determine the best possible way to bring system to a safe and orderly stop.
4. Deactivate and Isolate - Once shut off in LOTO, isolate and separate from energy source.
5. Lockout Equipment with Tags - Use of proper tags and locks indicate equipment is not functional.
6. Dissipate Stored Residual Energy - Relieve/dissipate stored energy by the appropriate method for the system.
7. Verify Disconnection from Energy - Be clear of employees and other equipment to verify full disconnection.
8. Lockout Accomplished - Equipment in need of repair is deemed on full LOTO and ready to be serviced.

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