The Topical Agent, LLC headquartered in Bernville, PA, is pleased to announce the re-introduction of

Lineman’s LotionTMfor hands that work”, in its new eco-friendly formulation. Lineman’s LotionTM was created as a therapeutic lotion for dry, cracked, weather-damaged hands of the outdoor workforce in America and quickly became the number one treatment for that condition.

Years of product research and development have created a lotion that absorbs quickly, allowing working men to handle their tools without greasy hands.

“Healing cuts and cracks on the hands can significantly help to alleviate worker discomfort and reduce the potential for infection from bacteria entering the body through these wounds”, says Patti Pugliese, developer of the product.

Lineman’s LotionTM does not contain any petroleum products and does not disintegrate the protective rubber gloves worn by linemen. 

A representative from American Electrical Power (AEP), the largest supplier of electricity in the United States, which stocks Lineman’s LotionTM as a safety item to protect its workers’ hands, notified its procurement officers via a company email: “Lineman's Lotion has gone eco-friendly and no longer contains any animal product.  Its packaging and overall performance are the same…it takes approximately 30 seconds longer to absorb.  A couple of weeks ago I dispersed samples to five different areas and the feedback was positive.  This email is to notify you that this new eco-friendly blend will be supplied on all future orders.”

During the early clinical trials conducted on an all-male panel of PA telephone lineman and dairy farmers, subjects reported their spouses noticed such dramatic improvement in the condition of their husbands’ hands that a demand grew not only by men and women in the workforce, but also for home use.

Lineman’s LotionTM is available for industrial distribution to employers through Stauffer Glove and Safety, Red Hill, PA. Stauffer is a privately held company which supplies protective rubber gloves and utility safety equipment. 

For more information contact :

Patti Pugliese, The Topical Agent, LLC , Phone  610-780-9808

Stauffer Glove & Safety, Phone 215-679-4197

Courtesy of The Topical Agent, LLC Reading, PA