First aid Supplies Every Workplace should have


Being prepared with first aid supplies is just the first step in caring for injured employees. The proper treatment of a wound is essential to the healing processes and effective recovery of your staff. If a cut, scrape or burn has occurred, follow these first aid tips to promote healing and avoid infection.

1. Clean Wounds As Soon As Possible

The first thing to do when a cut or scrape occurs is to clean the wound with cool water. Use soap with a washcloth to gently wash around the wound.

2. Reduce the Risk of Infection

Air exposure can be an issue for fresh wounds. To keep wounds moist and infection free, apply antibiotic cream. A thin layer can vastly reduce the chances of infection occurring.

3. Deciding Whether to Bandage

Uncovered wounds are at risk of developing an infection or reopening. Bandages should be placed on injuries that will be rubbed by clothing or shoes.

4. Latex or Adhesive Allergy Signs

Switch to sterile gauze or adhesive - free dressing if itchiness or burning under your bandage occurs. Sterile gauze pads are chemical free and allow wounds to breathe without leaving too much space for air exposure.

5. Treating Minor Burns

Treat burns right away with a cold cloth or cold water to keep skin from retaining heat. Make sure to wash the burn with soap and water and cover with burn dressing. Do not pop any blisters that appear.


First Aid Vendors



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