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Stauffer Glove & Safety understands that speed in a distribution center is critical. Safety harnesses, utility knives, cut-resistant gloves and more. These products are necessary to ensure your daily operations are safe and efficient. We stock inventory from the top manufacturers to bring you the right product line that fits your work environment. Contact your Stauffer Sales Representative today to learn more about best practices for PPE.

Utility Knives

Stauffer Glove and Safety provides utility knives to ensure daily operations are safe and efficient. Most styles available in both left and right handed. Included in our inventory are the OLFA and Slice brands. 

The most versatile tool you'll ever own. Finger-friendly microscopic Slice ceramic blade that's quick, easy and a safe substitute for scissors or traditional safety knives. Slice™ Safety Cutters are perfect for clipping, removing shrink-wrap, thin film, opening clamshell plastic packaging, paper, paper rolls, and more. View Slice Inventory Here

OLFA, the originator of the snap-off blade, designs utility knives with safety in mind. Safety guards over the blade prevent cuts. All OLFA knives are yellow so they can be detected easily. Spring activated design allows the blade to automatically retract when cutting stops. Along with safety OLFA also provides superior blades. Only the finest quality tool steel is selected for use. All OLFA blades are adjusted for hardness, sharpening angles, tapered dimensions, the speed of grinding, etc. The goal of OLFA is to provide a blade that has the best balance of high sharpness and longest blade life according to a usage. Click Here to View OLFA Knives and Blades

Hand Protection

Cuts and lacerations may not sound like a big deal, but the numbers clearly illustrate a different picture. Recent reports indicate that more than 25 percent of all workplace accidents involve hand and finger injuries with each disabling hand injury costing as much as $26,000. The objective of Stauffer Glove and Safety is to supply the correct personal protective equipment to support and provide solutions that significantly reduce recordable and non-recordable hand injuries and their related costs. 

Moderate/standard protection: Level 1 to 2 according to ANSI/ISEA cut standard. These woven gloves allow the skin to breathe more easily. They are recommended for continuous use in situations where the objects handled are only mildly abrasive, i.e. using a safety knife or handling untrimmed sheet metal. 

Heavy duty/high-performance protection: Level 3 to 5 according to ANSI/ISEA cut standard. These gloves have been coated or are multi-layered to improve their resistance to frequent contact with sharp or abrasive objects. As a result, they have a longer service life, i.e. repeated handling of heavy and rough, sharp-edged parts.

Fall Protection

The first step in any fall protection program, is to identify the potential fall hazards in your workplace. At a height of six feet or more (4 feet in general industry), the worker is in jeopardy and needs to be protected. The one way to prevent injury is with fall protection equipment. Stauffer works with top suppliers to educate and provide fall protection from horizontal lifelines to rescue equipment. From lanyards to harnesses, anchors, lifelines, SRLs and more. Stauffer Glove and Safety carries a list of name brands that include Miller® by Honeywell, DBI SALA® / Protecta ® - Capital Safety, Latchways and more.  Click to View Fall Protection Inventory


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