Clean facilities are more productive, safe, and tend to be more organized.

Stay safe and clean with these helpful tips. 

Cleaning shouldn’t be a one person job

Divide the responsibility of cleaning to everyone. Working together can help complete and maintain all of your desired cleaning needs. Also, keep track of your cleaning task and who is available to help finish them.

Accessibility is The key to clean

Be conscious of your cleaning supplies. Ask yourself these questions. Are my cleaning supplies in a convenient location? Can that location be accessed easily? Finally, do I have signage to indicate where the cleaning supplies can be found? Keeping cleaning supplies in an area where they can be located will reduce the likelihood a mess will be ignored.

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Inspect Frequently

It is imperative to inspect both the cleanliness of your workplace and the inventory of your cleaning supplies. Inspections like these help maintain a clean environment while ensuring you have the proper cleaning supplies on hand. When walking through your workplace for an inspection ask yourself, “What perception of the company do I have when it is clean versus dirty?”

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