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Do you need help complying with OSHA’s lockout / tagout standards?

Work together with Stauffer Glove & Safety and Brady for all of your Lockout/Tagout Needs!


Is your facility compliant?

Brady on-site Visual Lockout Procedure-Writing Service can ensure your facility has an effective lockout program and help you comply with OSHA’s Lockout regulations. Brady engineers will come to your facility and create visually-instructive, machine specific procedures for you and place them directly onto your equipment.

Step Into Compliance: Visual Lockout Procedure Service 


Ask yourself this question:

Do you have a specific shut down procedure written for each piece of equipment with more than single energy source?

If No, you are not in compliance with OSHA 1910.147. This standard requires all machinery with more than one energy source to have a machine-specific, written Lockout/Tagout procedure.

If Yes, How are your procedures documented? If your written lockout plan consists of a binder with bland, text-only documents that lists the equipment shutdown procedure, it can be improved. It is easier and much more effective to bring the machine to a zero-energy state if you have a visually-instructive procedure posted directly on the machine at the point of need.

Brady’s Visual Lockout Procedure Service

Brady offers the fastest, most effective solution to create a lockout program. Brady installs heavyweight thermoplastic, color-coded energy source tags at each energy isolation point to visually direct authorized employees to the correct energy source locations.


Implementing Brady’s Visual Lockout Procedure Service can result in

immediate cost savings, including:


■ Outsourcing to trained Brady engineers allows the customer workforce to focus on production or preventative maintenance.

■ Eliminates OSHA/LOTO fines

■ Reduces worker compensation claims

■ Reduces insurances rates and premiums


Solids Separator - Lockout Tagout Procedure


Brady’s visual lockout procedure-writing service saves you time and money by ensuring you have the most effective procedures with the latest tools and technology for a compliant facility.

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