Batteries are necessary in the workplace. Having an extra supply will help your company remain safe and productive. Batteries energize devices needed to complete task and are crucial in emergency situations. In order to maximize performance and safety follow these tips on battery care.

Keep in Mind these important Tips on Battery Care


Maximize Battery Life

    • Battery life will decrease when mixing new and old batteries in devices.

  • Do not mix battery types. For example, alkaline and non-alkaline batteries should not be in the same device. Doing so will reduce the life of the batteries.


Prevent Battery Leakage

    • Remove batteries from all devices that are being stored for an extended period of time.

  • Make sure to remove lifeless or nearly exhausted batteries for all battery powered objects.


Proper Battery Storage

    • Keep batteries stored in cool, dry settings.

  • Retain batteries in their original package until they are ready to be used.