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Some hazards are easy to see. Some aren’t.


Manganism – also known as welder’s disease – is a life-changing illness. It can result from prolonged exposure to manganese, an element present in most welding fumes.
Respirator systems can help protect your workers from airborne contaminants – even some of the ones you can’t see. But choosing the right level of particulate protection can be challenging. That’s why the team behind 3M™ Adflo™ Respirator Systems has compiled important information about manganese in welding fumes. Visit our website for webinars, exposure limits and PPE recommendations to help you safeguard your team against the hazards of the job.

Exposure limits: Finding safety in numbers.
Exposure limits for manganese can be confusing. Some are set by law, but others are voluntary recommendations based on the most recent scientific research – and these limits aren’t always the same.
Not sure of your exposure levels? 3M can help answer your questions. Watch our introductory video for an overview of manganese hazards in the workplace, and contact your 3M specialist for more information.

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